The AirBear

Why "The AirBear"?
The explanation for my nick name is a very simple thing:
My name is a germanic name that originates from the Swedish and Finnish language. It's meaning is simply "the bear". Well, and what would be more obvious than calling "a flying bear" the AirBear?!

That is just the first thing you learned about me. But this page offers even more information about me, what I am doing and stuff about aviation, boardgames and you will eventually find some photos and songs (yes, songs!).

Please feel free to move around.
We're open 24 hours.
And if you decide to leave - your plane is going to be on time!

Your way...

You might want to visit the aviation section to learn more about my career as a pilot of the Boeing 737 and 747. You will find a short bio to give you an overview as well as the aircraft types I have been flying so far. Also available are maps of Europe and the world showing the airports I have ben to.
I used to lead tours through the Maintenance FRA (Werftbesuch). Unfortunately the German Aviation Authority forbid these due to security concerns.
In the private section you will find things I do when I'm not at work... Here you can read about my occupations like travelling, gaming (yes, board- and card-games), designing and handcrafting (I included some photos for you). Lately I also started with doing some magic... ;-)
The special BearBros section tells you all about the Bear Brothers - three good friends who share a passion for digital gaming. Find out more about us and what we do. This section also includes the music-page, where you can listen to the BearBros-songs right away.
You can also find information about our BearBros@work projects of microcontroller (Arduino) prototype building like the "IPM" (a Web-Mini-Messenger) and the the "ChriLCU" (a controller for christmas lightling and more).
Die Ludothek ist die Datenbank aller Brett- und Kartenspiele die ich besitze. Zusätzlich findest du zu etlichen Spielen Varianten und Material zum Download, wie z.B. Regelübersichten.
Dein Zugang zum MyPlan System - meinem Dienstplan- und privaten Terminpanungs-Tool.
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