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Final version

What it is...
IPM is short for "Instant Personal Messenger". It is basically an "electronic toy" which is used as LAN/Internet message display device.

The idea was was born by the AirBear. The hardware building and programming was mainly done by the IceBear, while the online control software was written by the AirBear - that's why we can call it a BearBros project.

Here is a short video-animation to show you why it was invented and the way it is working.
Just click the play button...

Invented for just the purpose of notification about being online the IPM is now fully integrated in the MyPlan system and is used for a variety of notification purposes.

Read on, to find out more about our first prototype with reduced functionality, the online control software which enables communication with the IPM from anywhere in the world and finally the Version 2 with the full functionality.
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