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Listen in to the BearBros songs!
Below you will find a list of all the songs that we (The IceBear featuring The AirBear) created so far. You will find that they are all very different in style.

Please note, that although you may listen to all of the songs, they are still copyright protected!

1997 - Symphony Of Borg (4:04)

This is the very first BearBros song that originates from the late 90's. It was created for a performance and is not really meant to be serious...

2006 - Fly With The AirBear (4:17)

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlebears...."
Come on board and fly with the AirBear - Subwoofer higly recommended! :-)

2009 - Like Bears Around The Honeypot (3:35)

"You can be a killer - chasing monsters through the night..."
Hear about what real BearBros bears do the whole day long!

2011 - Das Gaudium (2:51)

Sorry, for legal reasons it is not possible to publish this song, as it is a cover version!
This song was created for a medieval festival to honor the hosts - Ansgar and Selbolda. It is based on a well-known German song.

2012 - The Sky Is Not The Limit (4:38)

This is a serious song about flying - from the early days to now, where millions of people fly every day.

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