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HalfLife² Server
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We often play HalfLife Deathmatch - and we're running our own game server on a demand basis during our "BearBros playing hours".
We are mostly playing one of our favorite self-built maps (see below). You are invited to join our server, but obey these simple rules:
  • No cheating!
  • No insulting!
  • No racism!
  • No "unnamed" players! Give yourself a name!
or be kicked! - Otherwise: HAVE FUN!
[HL2] Bare Playground

If you can't find our server at the moment, you can also download the maps here (BZ2 compressed, can be opened with WinZip):

Face Off

Map name:dm_faceoff_bb
File size:1,14 MB
Last update:February 2010
Ideal player laod:3-6
Weapons:All, RPG only accessible after fixed time
Specials:air raid, suicide beam, night mode


Map name:dm_platform_bb
File size:1,48 MB
Last update:July 2010
Ideal player laod:3-6
Specials:burning roofs, trap door
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