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Who we are...

The "Brotherhood Of Bears" was founded by the core members - The AirBear and The IceBear.

We're two crazy guys, who are keen about any computer stuff. That's how our friendship started - with the passion for gaming, coding and finding workarounds for any kind of problems. But apart from that we've got much more in common.

Later, the CyBear joined the BearBros - funny enough as it's The IceBear's real brother...

What we do - gaming

As we grow older, gaming is still our most common interest - forced by the physical distance between the core members. In the younger days we fragged together on various LAN-Parties, now we settled down and play over the internet.
We used to play GTA 2 (still great), Flatout, Unreal Tournament - GOTY (can you also do 600 FPH?), Atomic Bomberman ("bombs away!"), SWAT 4 (3+ players), Re-Volt, Age Of Mythology ("Got gold for me? - And stone? And food???"), Total Annihilation and Worms - World Party ("Got crates?").

In the recent time we mostly stick with HalfLife - and we're running our own game server on a demand basis. For more information check out the HL section.

What we do - BearBros songs

Believe it or not - bears do sing! (at least some of them...)
The IceBear is the master of the sound-tracks, so he and the AirBear already created some BearBros music. The first song was created for a performace back in the late 90's and was not meant to be serious. Since then, quality of the music constantly improved and we already did some good projects together. Do you want to listen in?! Check out the music section!

What we do - Prototyping

We developed a stand-alone mini-messenger.
Want to learn more? Read on in our description of the IPM.
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