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Analog gaming

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Well, the digital world is nice and offers lots of games. But the real world also does!
This is one of my favourite occupation when not in the air - playing board- and card-games.
Meanwhile I can call more than 100 games my own. And the number is slowly but steadily increasing.

A list of all the games I own can be found in my "Ludothek" (in German only).

Table soccer

I also own a pretty good table soccer.
But as you can image - this one is not "standard". I pimped it a "little bit":
  • All players got unique shirts with numbers
  • The table has an electronic counter
  • The table has floor lighting: blue and yellow according the team's color
  • But most important: the table also has a flood light system, which perfectly illuminates the arena, so you can also play in the dark!
See for yourself:

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