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A short biography

How it began

Eversince I wanted to become a pilot.
And after proper preparation, I successfully passed the test for the training and to start my career as a commercial airline pilot.

First steps

I finally started the training at the Flight School in Bremen after a little dalay. After six months of theory lessons, the practical flight training began. For this purpose I spent exactly six month in Phoenix, Arizona to get my CPL-IFR rating. Returning to Bremen, the second theory phase began, finishing with the official ATPL theory exam.
The first waiting period began and lasted three months. After waiting I finished my training with flying the Piper Cheyenne III (PA42) and finally got my MCC-check.

A 'slight' delay

Unfortunately my company did not hire new pilots at that time, so for all students, including me, the second waiting period began. I spent the time (a total of one and a half years) on the ground instead of in the air. I've been working at the check-in and at the gates. It was quite interesting to see "the other side", but fortunately I eventually began my Boeing 737 typerating.
Since then I'm flying "out on the line" with the "Bobby"...

Larger, farther...

After almost five years on the short range fleet, it was time to say goodbye...
Rather unvoluntarily, I had to change to the long range fleet and started my typerating for thr Jumbo - the Boeing 747.
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