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Aircraft types flown
This is a short summary of the aircraft types I already flew - mainly during training. I addition to that there were also a few other types like the Cessna C172 or the Aquila A210 (all with a piston engine) which I only flew for a few hours.

PA 28 - Piper Archer
9,14 m1,2 t1 Piston4
Approx hours flown:120
This was the first training aircraft to learn basic flying with. Easy to handle and pretty slow - exactly the right thing to start flying.
F33A - Beechcraft Bonanza
10,21 m1,6 t1 Piston4
Approx hours flown:180
Our Bonny was the second training aircraft. Faster than the archer, this "high performance aircraft" had a retractable gear. Here we started learning all the instrument flying procedures ("under the hood" while still VFR).
PA 42 - Piper Cheyenne
14,53 m5,5 t2 Turboprop8
Approx hours/landings:35 / 15
The Cheyenne was to get introduced in flying with commercial aircrafts. A lot faster than the other two, this aircraft was the first to be flown in non-VFR weather conditions (CAT I).
Boeing 737 (-300 & -500)
28,9 m57,6 t2 Jet140*
28,9 m54,0 t*2 Jet120*
Approx hours/landings:3300 / 1100
Finally I arrived on the first real commercial aircraft to carry passengers. It can be flown in almost all weather conditions (CAT IIIa).
Boeing 747 (-400 & -8i)
64,4 m394,6 t4 Jet352*
68,7 m442,0 t4 Jet386*
Approx hours/landings: 
After about five years on the short range, it was time for a change. Luckily I got a "seat" on the probably most common long range aircraft.
It is capable of landing in CAT IIIb conditions.

*) Depending on Version/Series
Flight times/landings are approximate values and do not include simulator.
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